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/* JavaScript arrays seems the most efficient choice for keeping Warning
* structures. Warning IDs will not be constrained to small number, and there is
* no requirement that there are no holes in the sequence of IDs. Also, it is
* important to minimize the search time so any type of the unordered list can't
* be used. XDCscript arrays are not good because they are not sparse, XDCscript
* maps are not good because we can't force the maps to use string keys as
* indices for the underlying Java Vector. For example, the following sequence:
* Map.add("1", WARN1);
* Map.add("3", WARN2);
* causes the first entry to be added as Map[0], and the second entry as Map[1].
* We would have to add entries in a very constrained way to keep the key and
* the index the same.
* The IDs are at the same time indices in the array, but also members of the
* element structure. This means some information is duplicated, but for now I
* will leave it as that because I set the ID in the structure to -1 to mark
* the entry disabled.
var warningsMap = [];
/* This function goes through the properties of the module and automatically
* enters Warnings in the array. If there is already an entry and the ID in
* the element structure is -1, that warning should be skipped over. However, in
* the current sequence of function calls there is no need for it because
* disable() is called after module$meta$init, and module$meta$init is the only
* place where new Warnings are added.
function module$meta$init() {
for (var prop in this) {
if ("$$proto" in this[prop]
&& this[prop].$$proto == "xdc.Warnings.Warning") {
warningsMap[this[prop].id] = this[prop];
function disable(ids) {
for (var i = 0; i < ids.length; i++) {
var id = Number(ids[i]);
warningsMap[id] = new this.Warning({id: -1, msg: null});
/* This function is called from $logWarning to get Warning specified in the
* $logWarning call and to substitute %s with the actual strings.
function getMessage(wp) {
var id =;
if (warningsMap[id] == undefined) {
if (warningsMap[id].id == -1) {
var msg = "ID=" + id + ": " + warningsMap[id].msg;
if (wp.args != undefined) {
var i = 0;
var tmpmsg = msg.replace(/%s/g, function() {
var ret = (i < wp.args.length) ? wp.args[i] : "";
msg = tmpmsg;