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* Copyright (c) 2008-2017 Texas Instruments Incorporated
* This program and the accompanying materials are made available under the
* terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0 and Eclipse Distribution License
* v. 1.0 which accompanies this distribution. The Eclipse Public License is
* available at and the Eclipse
* Distribution License is available at
* Contributors:
* Texas Instruments - initial implementation
* --/COPYRIGHT--*/
#ifndef xdc_runtime_Log__prologue__include
#define xdc_runtime_Log__prologue__include
#include <xdc/runtime/Error.h>
#include <xdc/runtime/Main.h>
#include <xdc/runtime/Diags.h>
* ======== xdc_runtime_Log_Event ========
* Log_Event is an encoded type. Log Events are encoded on the target as
* a 32-bit value:
* | format rope | module ID or mask |
* | 31 ----- 16 | 15 ------------ 0 |
* The lower 16-bits contain either a mask or a module ID; when the event
* is statically declared this field has a mask, when the event is passed
* to an ILogger this field is the module ID of the module that generated
* the event.
* The upper 16-bits are an ID (rope) that that identifies the format
* string to use to render the event (and its arguments).
typedef xdc_Bits32 xdc_runtime_Log_Event;
* The following macros establish xdc.runtime.Main as the "default"
* module for all sources files not part of a module.
* Module__MID - the module's ID (see Text.xs)
* Module__LOGOBJ - the module's logger object
* Module__LOGFXN0 - the module's logger's write0 function
* Module__LOGFXN1 - the module's logger's write1 function
* Module__LOGFXN2 - the module's logger's write2 function
* Module__LOGFXN4 - the module's logger's write4 function
* Module__LOGFXN8 - the module's logger's write8 function
* Module__LOGDEF - 0 if the module has a logger, non-zero otherwise
* Only define these symbols for xdc.runtime.Main if this file is not one that
* will be included in the Registry. This check ensures that Registry.h (which
* similarly defines these Module__* symbols) can be included in any order
* relative to other xdc.runtime headers.
#ifndef Registry_CURDESC
#undef Module__LOGDEF
#define Module__LOGDEF xdc_runtime_Main_Module__loggerDefined__C
#undef Module__LOGOBJ
#define Module__LOGOBJ xdc_runtime_Main_Module__loggerObj__C
#undef Module__LOGFXN0
#define Module__LOGFXN0 xdc_runtime_Main_Module__loggerFxn0__C
#undef Module__LOGFXN1
#define Module__LOGFXN1 xdc_runtime_Main_Module__loggerFxn1__C
#undef Module__LOGFXN2
#define Module__LOGFXN2 xdc_runtime_Main_Module__loggerFxn2__C
#undef Module__LOGFXN4
#define Module__LOGFXN4 xdc_runtime_Main_Module__loggerFxn4__C
#undef Module__LOGFXN8
#define Module__LOGFXN8 xdc_runtime_Main_Module__loggerFxn8__C
#undef Module__MID
#define Module__MID xdc_runtime_Main_Module__id__C