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* Copyright (c) 2016 Texas Instruments. All rights reserved.
* This program and the accompanying materials are made available under the
* terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0 and Eclipse Distribution License
* v. 1.0 which accompanies this distribution. The Eclipse Public License is
* available at and the Eclipse
* Distribution License is available at
* Contributors:
* Texas Instruments - initial implementation
* --/COPYRIGHT--*/
* ======== Reset.xdc ========
package xdc.runtime;
* ======== Reset ========
* Startup reset function manager
* This module defines an initial reset function and can be used without
* requiring any other `xdc.runtime` module. The reset function is called
* as early as possible in the application startup and is intended for
* platform-specific hardware initialization.
* The reset function sequentially calls each of the functions added to the
* `{@link #fxns}` array starting from index 0. If
* `{@link Startup#resetFxn Startup.resetFxn}` is defined, it is called
* before any of the functions defined by the `fxns` array.
* By providing an array of startup functions, rather than a single function
* as `{@link Startup}` does, modules that need very early initialization
* can simply add their initialization to the list of functions to be called
* without having to implement a "chaining" mechanism or requiring the user
* to implement and maintain an application reset function.
* @a(Warning)
* The reset function is _not_ supported on all platforms and, as a result,
* you should never place any "portable" code that is required for your
* application in this function. Use the `{@link Startup}` module to
* define required application startup functions.
* @see Startup
metaonly module Reset
* ======== fxns ========
* List of functions to call at reset
* This array defines the functions that will be executed by the reset
* initialization function (`xdc_runtime_Startup_reset__I`) _in addition
* to_ the function specified by `{@link Startup#resetFxn}`.
* The following code fragment shows how to add the externally defined
* function `myReset()` to this array.
* @p(code)
* var Reset = xdc.useModule("xdc.runtime.Reset");
* Reset.fxns[Reset.fxns.length++] = "&myReset";
* @p
* @a(Warning)
* Although the functions specified in `fxns[]` are ordinary C functions,
* they are often called _before_ the C runtime is fully initialized;
* e.g., they may be called _before_ static variables are initialized.
* Reset functions should only assume that a minimal execution stack has
* initialized.
* @see Startup#resetFxn
metaonly config xdc.runtime.Startup.InitFxn fxns[] = [];