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* Copyright (c) 2008 Texas Instruments. All rights reserved.
* This program and the accompanying materials are made available under the
* terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0 and Eclipse Distribution License
* v. 1.0 which accompanies this distribution. The Eclipse Public License is
* available at and the Eclipse
* Distribution License is available at
* Contributors:
* Texas Instruments - initial implementation
* --/COPYRIGHT--*/
#ifndef xdc_runtime_System__internal_h
#define xdc_runtime_System__internal_h
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
* ======== System__internal.h ========
* This header defines internal implementation details that are shared
* between System.c and System.xdt and SHOULD NOT be included by any other
* files. The declarations in this file are subject to incompatible
* changes in any release; only clients of System.h are kept compatible.
* Note: because this header is included in the generated .c file, we must
* be careful to only use fully qualified names (e.g., xdc_UInt32 rather
* than just UInt32)
* ======== xdc_runtime_System_{I|U}Num ========
* Maximum sized (un)signed integer that can be formated by System_printf
* {I|U}Arg can't be used because we need to be able to handle a long or
* a pointer (not just an int or a pointer).
* These internal declarations are here rather than in System.h to ensure
* that targets _without_ 64-bit support can still use System
#if ((xdc_target__bitsPerChar * xdc_target__sizeof_Ptr) > 32)
typedef xdc_UInt64 xdc_runtime_System_UNum;
typedef xdc_Int64 xdc_runtime_System_INum;
typedef xdc_UInt32 xdc_runtime_System_UNum;
typedef xdc_Int32 xdc_runtime_System_INum;
* ======== xdc_runtime_System_formatNum__I ========
* This internal function is used to convert all integral numbers to a
* character string. It's implementation is in System.c.
extern xdc_Char *xdc_runtime_System_formatNum__I(xdc_Char *ptr,
xdc_runtime_System_UNum un, xdc_Int zpad, xdc_Int base);
#ifdef __cplusplus