diff --git a/README b/README
index 18e3c26..9f36959 100644
--- a/README
+++ b/README
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-             xdc-H06 (corevers:; B:200,G:200,R:200)
+             xdc-H07 (corevers:; B:200,G:200,R:200)
                        eXpanDed C Tools (XDCtools)
@@ -64,11 +64,26 @@
-xdc.runtime added a comment for Error.policyFxn recommending that each
-	    implementation observes Error.policy or NULL passed as an
-	    Error_Block
+xdc.runtime Text.nameStatic was not used at all because we couldn't separate
+	    the case when a name wasn't given to an instance and the case when
+	    Text.charTab was not loaded. At the time the names are allocated
+	    to Text.charTab we already know that Text.charTab is not loaded so
+	    we don't bother adding instance names to Text.charTab. This change
+	    will separate the case where the name is NULL and Text.charTab is
+	    loaded, and that's when we know NULL means the instance does not
+	    have a name. The case when the name is NULL and Text.charTab is not
+	    loaded is still ambiguous. The message will say that the instance
+	    is static, which is true, but we can't tell if the name is given to
+	    the instance. Anything further than this would require a special
+	    value for the case of the name not being NULL, but Text.charTab is
+	    not loaded. However, this doesn't seem to be worthy of much
+	    attention because no one ever noticed that Text.nameStatic was not
+	    working at all.
-	    added comments to xdc.runtime sources that work around an lcov bug
+	    added FMEA document to docs
+core	    Module_state section names for clang are changed to start with
+	    ".data:"
 *	    more MISRA changes
diff --git a/ident.c b/ident.c
index ffce92c..fdaec8b 100644
--- a/ident.c
+++ b/ident.c
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
  *  ======== ident.c ========
-#define _VERS_ "@(#)*** xdc-H06"
+#define _VERS_ "@(#)*** xdc-H07"
 static char __NAME[] = _NAME_;
 static char __DATE[] = _DATE_;