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xdc-A58 (rev. 2473; corevers:; B:150,G:180,R:170)
eXpanDed C Tools (XDCtools)
This tree contains the RTSC build and configuration engines for
target content. The tree is used in XDCtools product releases.
o setup ssh to enable "svn commit" from xlibrary as "dr" (if necessary)
cd ~xlibrary/.ssh
cp -f config-dr config
o to update:
gentree xdc-A??
cd xdc-A??x
svn update
SM-MAKE .clean
SM-MAKE .all-files >& Make.log
emacs README
svn commit . -m "xdc-A?? README"
o to make both the UNIX and PC sides, from a Linux workstation, go to the
top directory of the tree and type:
SM-MAKE .all-files
To clean the tree, type:
SM-MAKE .clean
o to build only packages in src/packages from scratch:
SM-MAKE .xdc-packages
o to build bundles:
SM-MAKE .bundles
o to run regressions:
SM-MAKE .regress
o to create an installation from an xdc tree, build .xdc-packages and
.bundles, then run install.ksh from src on a Linux host.
Here are examples of installing xdc for supported hosts:
/db/ztree/sasa/xdc-A01x/src/install.ksh -l /db/toolsrc/sasa/xdc-A01/Linux
/db/ztree/sasa/xdc-A01x/src/install.ksh /db/toolsrc/sasa/xdc-A01/Windows
Read the top comments in install.ksh for additional options.
ECL450586 Section placement of module instances only works for TI
ECL449403 Text module should have an option to disable charTab array