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xdc-H30 (corevers:; B:200,G:200,R:200)
eXpanDed C Tools (XDCtools)
This tree contains the RTSC build and configuration engines for
target content. The tree is used in XDCtools 3.60 product releases where
we implemented some changes that allow for smaller config C files.
Librarian repo creation
The xdc.git repo was created to "track" the repo maintained at and was created as follows:
git clone --bare ssh:// xdc.git
cd xdc.git
git config remote.origin.fetch "+refs/heads/*:refs/heads/*"
o setup ssh to enable "git" from xlibrary as "dr" (if necessary)
cd ~xlibrary/.ssh
cp -f config-dr config
o fetch the latest changes from the Eclipse git server
cd xdc.git
git fetch
o Build this tree from Linux using standard SM-MAKE
# clone the tree and merge/review user content
ggentree -u xdc.git/
cd xdc-H??
# unzip from the last released tree
unzip ../xdc-H??/
# make sure the user email and name are your eclipse credentials
git merge origin/xdccore-H-dr
# build the tree on Linux
SM-MAKE .clean
SM-MAKE .all-files >& Make.log
# update README
emacs README
git commit -a -m xdc-H??
# release the tree
greltree -m "something brief and meaningful"
o to build only packages in src/packages from scratch:
SM-MAKE .xdc-packages
o to build bundles:
SM-MAKE .bundles
targets nodoc was removed for Linux86_64, and added for Linux86 and
Mingw. We don't build runtime for the last two, and nodoc is
used in the xdctest tree to detect which targets are tested
and supported.
functionality that was in gnu.targets to support
gnu.targets.arm is removed because it is now duplicated in
gnu.targets.arm. These two packages are now completely
xdc.runtime added an internal constant Core_NOSTATE to replace a magic
constant -1. Older runtimes compiled before this constant was
introduced will still work because the actual value passed
from the config C file to the runtime code hasn't changed.
The request for this was made in SYSBIOS-1107.
XDCTOOLS-374 xdc/std.h has to be updated for clang