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Pkg.attrs.relScript = "xdc/release/filters/what.rel";
Pkg.makeEpilogue = "include custom.mak";
Pkg.otherFiles = ['java/package.jar'];
for (var i = 0; i < Build.targets.length; i++) {
var targ = Build.targets[i];
if ( == "Win32") {
var includes = "-IR:/library/vendors/jdk/jdk1.6.0_37/Windows/include "
+ "-IR:/library/vendors/jdk/jdk1.6.0_37/Windows/include/win32";
* TODO: fix compiler required options in target. The required
* options for Win32 include -D_DLL, which specify
* dynamic linking to the MFC and runtime. Further, the default
* debug and release profiles use -MT, which specifies static
* linking to MFC. Here, we undefined _DLL to fix that inconsistency.
* We want static linking here.
targ.$ =
targ.$"-D_DLL", "-D_WINDLL -D_USRDLL");
/* make a static library to be used by the DLL and executable */
var libr = Pkg.addLibrary("release/Doss", targ,
{profile: "release", suffix: ".lib", incs: includes});
libr.addObjects(["Dos.cpp", "StringUtils.cpp"]);
var dllr = Pkg.addAssembly("release/Dos", targ, targ.platform,
{profile: "release", cfgScript: null, lopts: " -def:DosDll.def "});
/* make an executable to be used from the command line */
var exer = Pkg.addExecutable("release/path2dos", targ, targ.platform,
{profile: "release", cfgScript: null});
Pkg.attrs.exportExe = true;