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requires idioms.i101;
requires idioms.i102;
requires idioms.i103;
requires idioms.i104;
requires idioms.i105;
requires idioms.i106;
requires idioms.i107;
requires idioms.i201;
requires idioms.i202;
requires idioms.i203;
requires idioms.i204;
requires idioms.i205;
requires idioms.i301;
requires idioms.i302;
requires idioms.i303;
requires idioms.i304;
requires idioms.i305;
requires idioms.i306;
requires idioms.i401;
requires idioms.i402;
requires idioms.i403;
requires idioms.i404;
requires idioms.i405;
requires basic.hello;
requires legacy.hello;
* ======== xdcsamples ========
* A collection of XDC examples
* This package is a "bundle" of selected examples that illustrate numerous
* techniques and concepts supported by the RTSC component model.
* The `idioms` packages are a graduated set of examples that should be
* visited in order; 101, 102, ...
* In addition there are two examples of the "hello world" application:
* `basic.hello` and `legacy.hello`. The `basic.hello` package
* illustrates a configurable application package that
* supports both debug and release variants. The `legacy.hello` package
* illustrates how to encapsulate a portable legacy code base without making
* any changes to the sources.
* Follow the link(s) below to learn more about each example.
* @a(LINKS)
<U><A HREF="../../packages/cdoc/index.html" target="_top">Examples Documentation</A></U>
package xdcsamples [1, 0, 0]