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index 57fa3d1..8648b04 100644
--- a/README
+++ b/README
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-             xdc-H08 (corevers:; B:200,G:200,R:200)
+             xdc-H09 (corevers:; B:200,G:200,R:200)
                        eXpanDed C Tools (XDCtools)
@@ -64,33 +64,9 @@
-xdc.runtime for '$S' conversion doPrint() calls printfExtend(), which then
-	    calls doPrint() again. The return value for doPrint() was the
-	    number of characters that would be printed, and that's what not
-	    we wanted to add to the number of printed character or to remove
-	    from the size of the available buffer. Additionally, nothing was
-	    subtracted from the size of the available buffer in doPrint() and
-	    that caused a buffer overflow.
-	    However, we can't support the requirement that the printf-like
-	    functions that accept the buffer and the maximum number of 
-	    characters as parameters return the number of characters that
-	    would be printed if the size of the buffer was large enough, if
-	    extended formats were used. The extended formats call Text
-	    functions that don't report how many characters would be printed.
-	    deleted declarations of unused functions from Core spec
-	    added validate function for Text, which reports an Error if
-	    the buffer of managed strings grows over 32K.
-	    Text_putMod was checking if Text is loaded when a module id
-	    higher than 0x7FFF was found. However, if Text is not loaded such
-	    ids are not generated, so the clause that would be executed when
-	    Text is not loaded and an id is higher than 0x7FFF was dead code.
-	    Text doc was claiming Text can accept 64K of strings, but only
-	    15 bits are used to address strings in charTab, which means only
-	    about 32K can be addressed.
+xdc.runtime     before calling printfExtend in System_doPrint, there was a
+                corner case where precis<0, while printfExtend expects positive
+                values at all times
diff --git a/ident.c b/ident.c
index 6ddb47d..acbee24 100644
--- a/ident.c
+++ b/ident.c
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
  *  ======== ident.c ========
-#define _VERS_ "@(#)*** xdc-H08"
+#define _VERS_ "@(#)*** xdc-H09"
 static char __NAME[] = _NAME_;
 static char __DATE[] = _DATE_;