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Eclipse Scout - Aggregator

[Eclipse Scout] 1 is a mature and open framework for modern, service oriented business applications. It substantially boosts developer productivity and is simple to learn.

This repository Eclipse Scout Aggregator contains the sources used by the build script to aggregate the different repositories.


The content of this repository is build on the Eclipse infrastructure and the different versions are available on several [P2 Update Sites] 2.

The easiest way to start with Eclipse Scout is to download Eclipse for Scout Developers Eclipse for Scout Developers on the [Eclipse downloads page] 3.

Documentation & Links

  • [Eclipse Scout Wiki] 4
  • [Eclipse Scout Forum] 5
  • [Eclipse Bugzilla] 6

Contribution Guidelines

We welcome any kind of contributions (Bug report, documentation, code contribution...). Please read the [Eclipse Scout Contribution page] 7 to know more about it.

The contribution process of Eclipse Scout is hosted on tools deployed by the Eclipse Foundation (involing [Bugzilla] 6, Gerrit, Hudson, MediaWiki...).

External tools like the GitHub tracker and pull requests are not supported.

Get in Touch

To get in touch with the Eclipse Scout community, please open a thread in the [Eclipse Scout Forum] 5 or send a mail to [our mailing list] 8:


[Eclipse Public License (EPL) v1.0] 9