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<meta name="abstract" content="You can use the server tools views to manage servers. The following tasks may be included as part of the development path:" />
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<title>Managing servers </title>
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<h1 class="topictitle1">Managing servers </h1>
<div><p>You can use the server tools views to manage servers.
The following tasks may be included as part of the development path:</p>
<ul class="ullinks">
<li class="ulchildlink"><strong><a href="../topics/twaddprj.html">Adding projects to a server</a></strong><br />
Once you have created a server, you need to create a relationship between the projects that contain the files you want to test and your server.</li>
<li class="ulchildlink"><strong><a href="../topics/twremprj.html">Removing a project from a server</a></strong><br />
To remove a project from a server:</li>
<li class="ulchildlink"><strong><a href="../topics/twsrtins.html">Starting a server</a></strong><br />
When you are ready to test your projects, you must start a server. In some situations, listed below, the server tools start a server for you automatically. For more information on which test server will start, refer to the list of related topics at the end of this topic.</li>
<li class="ulchildlink"><strong><a href="../topics/twstpins.html">Stopping a server</a></strong><br />
You can stop the server from the Servers view.</li>
<li class="ulchildlink"><strong><a href="../topics/ttimeout.html">Setting timeout on the start or stop of the server</a></strong><br />
You can specify the length of time you can wait, before the workbench cancels the process to start or stop the server.</li>
<li class="ulchildlink"><strong><a href="../topics/twprefin.html">Setting a default server</a></strong><br />
A default server is the server that you want to use when a project has more than one server defined.</li>
<li class="ulchildlink"><strong><a href="../topics/tmetasrv.html">Displaying or hiding the metadata of the server</a></strong><br />
On the workbench, you have the option to display or hide the metadata of the server.</li>
<li class="ulchildlink"><strong><a href="../topics/tclean.html">Clean projects published on the server</a></strong><br />
You can use the clean option available in the Servers view to remove any invalid resources from the server before doing a full republish. This helps remove by-products generated as a result of the publishing process. When you find there is old code or an invalid state of code running on the server, try using this clean option to see if this helps remove these invalid states from the server.</li>