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pluginName=Server Core
extensionPointServerStartup=Server Startup
extensionPointModuleKinds=Module Types
extensionPointRuntimeTypes=Runtime Types
extensionPointRuntimeTargetHandler=Runtime Target Handler
extensionPointRuntimeLocator=Runtime Locator
extensionPointServerTypes=Server Types
extensionPointServerConfigurationTypes=Server Configuration Types
extensionPointServerLocator=Server Locator
extensionPointPublishManager=Publish Manager
extensionPointModuleFactories=Module Factories
extensionPointModuleObjectAdapters=Module Object Adapters
extensionPointLaunchableAdapters=Launchable Adapters
extensionPointServerTasks=Server Tasks
extensionPointModuleTasks=Module Tasks
extensionPointServerMonitors=Server Monitors
# --------------- Tasks (progress monitors) ---------------
# Creating default server and server configuration
createServerProjectTask=Creating server project.
createDefaultServerTask=Creating server.
createDefaultServerConfigurationTask=Creating server configuration.
# Modifying and searching for servers
setServerConfigurationTask=Setting the configuration of {0} to {1}...
removingServerConfigurationTask=Removing the configuration from {0}...
getDefaultServerTask=Searching for a default server...
getProjectServerInstanceTask=Locating a server...
configurationUpdateOk=Server configuration updated successfully.
serverUpdateOk=Server updated sucessfully.
# General tasks
copyingTask=Copying from {0} to {1}
unZippingTask=Unzipping {0}
expandingTask=Expanding {0}
savingTask=Saving {0}
deletingTask=Deleting {0}
loadingTask=Loading {0}
copyingTask=File copied successfully to {0}
taskCancelled=Operation cancelled.
taskPerforming=Performing Tasks
taskPublishing=Publishing: {0}
publishingTask=Publishing to {0}...
publishingStatus=Publishing status
publishingStart=Connecting to server
publishingStop=Disconnecting from server
publishingPublishFolder=Creating folder {0}
publishingPublishFile=Publishing {0}
publishingDeleteFolder=Removing folder {0}
publishingDeleteFile=Deleting {0}
publishingProject=Publishing: {0}
publishingConfiguration=Publishing configuration: {0}
publishingCancelled=Publishing cancelled
# --------------- Misc UI ---------------
# Server launch configuration
# Server builder
builderName=Server Builder
# Server project nature
serverProjectNatureTitle=Server Project
# Error Messages
errorUnconfiguredServer=Unable to run the server because it does not have a valid configuration.
errorCloseEditor=The action could not be completed because there is an open editor. Close the {0} editor and try again.
errorNull=Could not perform the action on a null object.
errorLaunch=Cannot start the server.
errorInvalidServer=The server is not valid.
errorServerAlreadyRunning=Cannot start the server because it is already running.
errorServerStartFailed=The server named {0} did not start correctly. Check the Console for error messages.
errorNoServer=No server can be found to run this project.
errorPublishing=Could not publish to the server.
errorNoConfiguration=The server has no configuration.
errorPublishFailed=Errors occurred during publishing.
errorRunOnServer=Running resource on server.
errorRunOnServerFailed=Unable to run on server.
errorLoading=Error loading from {0}.
errorSaving=Could not save to {0}.
errorMissingConfiguration=Server configuration is missing - See Task view
errorMissingConfigurationTask=Server {0} is missing it's configuration.
errorMissingProject=Project {0} is missing - See Task view
errorMissingProjectTask=Server configuration {0} refers to a missing project {1}.
errorCopyingFile=Error copying file to {0}: {1}
errorModifyingConfiguration=Error modifying server configuration: {0}.
errorModifyingServer=Error modifying server: {0}.
errorCouldNotCreateServerProject=Could not create server project.
errorCouldNotCreateServerProjectStatus=Could not create server project: {0}.
errorNoDefaultServer=A default server could not be automatically created.
errorNoDefaultServerParent=Could not find anything to deploy to the default server.
errorDefaultServerInvalid=Could not deploy to the default server.
errorModuleRestartFailed=Could not restart the module.
errorConfigurationUpdate=Could not update the server configuration: {0}
errorServerUpdate=Could not update the server: {0}
# Info messages
serverProjectCreated=Server project created successfully.
infoNoPublishingNecessary=Publishing was not necessary.
infoPublishSuccess=Published finished successfully.
# Default server creation names
# {0} will be replaced by a number if the given name is already being used
defaultRuntimeName2={0} ({1})
defaultServerName={0} @ {1}
defaultServerName2={0} @ {1} ({2})
defaultServerName4={0} ({1})
defaultServerConfigurationName2={0} ({1})
# Used when a name can't be found
moduleTypeUnknown=Unknown module
# Publishers
publisherFullName=Publish all
publisherFullDescription=Publishes all resources to the server, regardless of whether they have changed. No resources are deleted from the server.
publisherSmartName=Smart publish
publisherSmartDescription=Intelligently publishes only modified resources to the server. Deletes all resources that no longer exist in the workspace.
# null launchable
nullLaunchableClient=Do nothing
nullLaunchableClientDescription=Do not launch anything after starting the server.