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<title>WTP API overview</title>
<p>Support for Java and J2EE server types.</p>
<p>The ClasspathRuntimeTargetHandler class provides a common subclass
for runtime target handlers that need to modify a project's classpath
when a project is targetted to a particular runtime.</p>
<p>IGenericRuntime and its working copy provide type-specific access
to the generic runtime type. When using a generic runtime, clients can
access the type specific information by adapting to these types using
<pre>IGenericRuntime gr = (IGenericRuntime) runtime.getAdapter(IGenericRuntime.class)</pre>.
GenericRuntimeUtil contains some utility methods for handling the
generic runtime type.</p>
<p>IEnterpriseApplication, IEJBModule, IWebModule, IApplicationClientModule,
and IConnectorModule are J2EE module interfaces meant to be implemented
by module delegates that provide J2EE module support.</p>
<p>ILooseArchive and ILooseArchiveSupport are module interfaces for modules
that take advantage of loose archive support - allowing JARs contained within
the module to be available in a separate Java project instead of directly
within the module.</p>
<p>The remainder of the classes in this package are module artifact and
launchable types to provide access to J2EE resource types for the server tool