Localizer update, extended support for OpenDRIVE/OpenSCENARIO and bugfixes

- Fixed bugs in TrajectoryFollower
- Basic junction support incl. connecting road priorities and geometries
- New r-tree based localizer supporting junctions
- Agents can be equipped with a pre-calculated route (“StochasticNavigation”)
- Added more OpenSCENARIO conditions to EventDetector/Manipulator
- Min. required visible area of detected object in Sensor_OSI can be set via parameter
- Added LaneMarking information in SensorDriver
- Added new event types (ComponentWarning, RemoveAgent and LaneChange)
- Support for more traffic signs
- Rework of lane obstruction calculation
- Use of consecutive random seeds for multiple invocations
- Support for logging of cyclic data to csv (instead of xml)
- New logging group “SensorExtended”
- Documentation updates
- Cleanup of include statements
- Various updates in project files
- Various other bugfixes and stability improvements

Change-Id: I33ca6c0479d95b2697da4d571d02c5908414d474
387 files changed