Sisu: Maven mojos

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  1. 4a71a1c mvn spotless:apply by Stuart McCulloch · 7 months ago master
  2. a0006aa Add Sisu code formatting and configure spotless to apply it by Stuart McCulloch · 7 months ago
  3. 9536d05 Bug 563526: require Java 7 for building by Stuart McCulloch · 7 months ago
  4. fe5a200 Update test dependencies to more secure versions (fixes #2) by Stuart McCulloch · 7 months ago
  5. 187e9ce Update CI link by Stuart McCulloch · 12 months ago



As required by the Eclipse IP process, all contributions need to be submitted in form of patches attached to a Bugzilla entry, thereby being subject to the Eclipse Terms of Use. For clarity, patches should be provided as standalone files attached to the issue, not as text embedded in the issue description or a comment.

When submitting patches, please follow the existing code style. The corresponding formatter settings for some IDEs can be taken from the Maven Code Style page.