Sisu: Plexus support
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  1. 62a408e  Update Guice dependency (add comment that Sisu is still compatible with Guice 3.0+) by Stuart McCulloch - 7 weeks ago master
  2. e22938c  Bug 470780: Date AM/PM parsing should use explicit locale by Stuart McCulloch - 8 weeks ago
  3. 746f452  Bug 470781: only fall back to default-value if Plexus configuration has no value and no children by Stuart McCulloch - 8 weeks ago
  4. b3c6c7e  Bug 470781: test default values can be overridden by Stuart McCulloch - 8 weeks ago
  5. a15b012  Use deque to manage lifecycle components by Stuart McCulloch - 3 months ago



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