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* Contributors:
* IBM Corporation - initial API and implementation
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<toc label="Structured text editors" topics="topics/csrcedt004.html">
<topic label="Structured text editors" href="topics/csrcedt004.html">
<topic label="Editing text coded in markup languages " href="topics/tsrcedt000.html">
<topic label="Source and batch validation" href="topics/cvalidate.html"/>
<topic label="Setting preferences for structured text editors" href="topics/tsrcedt025.html">
<topic label="Setting annotation preferences for markup languages" href="topics/tsrcedt001.html"/>
<topic label="Getting content assistance in structured text editors" href="topics/tsrcedt005.html">
<topic label="Content assist" href="topics/csrcedt006.html"/>
<topic label="Making content assist work for JSP files" href="topics/tsrcedt023.html"/>
<topic label="Associating editors with file types" href="topics/tcontenttype.html"/>
<topic label="File Encoding" href="topics/cencoding.html"/>
<topic label="Searching or finding text within a file" href="topics/tsrcedt007.html"/>
<topic label="Checking spelling" href="topics/tsrcedt010.html"/>
<topic label="Adding and removing markup language templates - overview" href="topics/tsrcedt027.html">
<topic label="Adding and removing HTML templates" href="topics/tsrcedt024.html"/>
<topic label="Adding and removing JSP templates" href="topics/tsrcedt028.html"/>
<topic label="Adding and removing XML templates" href="topics/tsrcedt029.html"/>
<topic label="Editing with snippets - overview" href="topics/tsrcedt026.html">
<topic label="Snippets view" href="topics/csrcedt001.html"/>
<topic label="Adding snippets drawers" href="topics/tsrcedt014.html"/>
<topic label="Adding items to snippets drawers" href="topics/tsrcedt015.html"/>
<topic label="Editing snippet items" href="topics/tsrcedt022.html"/>
<topic label="Deleting or hiding snippet items or drawers" href="topics/tsrcedt016.html"/>