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# The SSE generally uses compiler setting to turn most warnings into errors.
# This is a little problematic for JavaCC generated files. We don't want
# to distribute a customized version of JavaCC nor is there any "template"
# mechanism. So, this simple sed script goes through the generated token
# manager and fixes a few things. If JavaCC changes the generated code,
# it's likely that this script will no longer do the right thing. Ditto with
# any version of JavaCC besides 3.2. Also, there's no guarantee that this
# script will even work with an arbitrary JavaCC grammar. It's only been tested
# with the current JSP EL grammar.
# Author: Ted A. Carroll (
s/(int)(curChar >> 8)/curChar >> 8/g
/^public Token getNextToken()/, /EOFLoop/{
/int kind;/ {d}
/Token specialToken = null;/{d}
/^private final int jjMoveNfa_0(int startState, int curPos)/, /for(;;)/{
s/int j, kind = 0x7fffffff;/int kind = 0x7fffffff;/g
/int\[\] nextStates;/{d}