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<title>Specifying line delimiters</title>
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<h1 class="topictitle1">Specifying XML default encoding line delimiters</h1>
<div><p>Various development platforms use different line delimiters to
indicate the start of a new line. You can select the appropriate operating
system that applies to your development or deployment platform.</p>
<div class="section"><p>The following instructions were written for the Resource perspective,
but they will also work in many other perspectives.</p>
<p>To specify the line
delimiter you want to use:</p>
<ol><li><span>Click <b> <span class="menucascade"><span class="uicontrol">Window</span> &gt; <span class="uicontrol">Preferences</span> &gt; <span class="uicontrol">Web and XML files</span> &gt; <span class="uicontrol">XML Files</span></span>.</b></span></li>
<li><span>From the <b> <span class="uicontrol">Line delimiter</span> </b>field, select the
operating system that applies to your development or deployment platform. </span></li>
<li><span>Click <b> <span class="uicontrol">Apply</span></b>, then <b> <span class="uicontrol">OK</span></b>.</span></li>