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<title>Web tools features</title>
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<h1 class="topictitle1">Web tools features</h1>
<div><p>The integrated Web development
environment makes it easy to cooperatively create, assemble, publish, deploy
and maintain dynamic, interactive Web applications.</p><div class="p">Depending on the product you have installed, the Web development environment provides the following high-level capabilities:
<ul><li>Dynamic Web project creation, using the J2EE-defined hierarchy, or a static
version that reduces project overhead when dynamic elements are not required.
Static Web projects can later be converted to dynamic Web projects.</li>
<!-- <li>Creation and editing of a Web application deployment descriptor (<span class="filepath">web.xml</span>) file</li> -->
<li>JSP and HTML file creation, validation, editing, and debugging</li>
<li>JavaScript™ editing and validation</li>
<!-- <li>Custom JSP tags (tag library) support, based on the <cite>Sun Microsystems -->
JSP 1.2 Specification</cite></li>
<li>An extensible view, called the Snippets view, which allows users to catalog
and organize reusable programming objects, such as HTML, JavaScript,
and JSP markup, along with files and custom tags, that can be embedded in
existing files</li>
<li>Dynamic tag help called content assist (Ctrl+Spacebar) that displays tag usage and attribute
information for HTML, JSP, and JavaScript tags based on cursor location
in the Source page. </li>
<!-- <li>Quick Edit view that allows you to edit specific pieces of code in context,
including add actions and events</li> -->
<li>Palette view to reuse components, including HTML, JSP, JavaScript,
site parts, and more</li>
<!-- <li>Attributes editing available in its own view</li> -->
<li>Cascading style sheet (CSS) editing support</li>
<li>HTTP/FTP import</li>
<li>FTP export (simple resource copy) to a server</li>
<li>WAR file import, export, and validation.</li>
<!-- <li>Link parsing, validation, and management, which includes converting links,
flagging broken links, and fixing up links as linked resources are moved or renamed</li> -->
<li>Servlet creation via a the Servlet Wizard to create new servlets </li>
<!-- and add servlet mappings to the Web deployment descriptor files -->
<!-- <li>Integration with the WebSphere<sup>®</sup> test environment</li> -->
<!-- <li>Publishing support for multiple Web server types</li> -->
<!-- <li>Wizards for Listener and Filter classes</li> -->
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