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<title>Web tools features</title>
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<h1 class="topictitle1">Web tools features</h1>
<div><p> The integrated Web development environment makes it easy to cooperatively
create, assemble, publish, deploy and maintain dynamic, interactive Web applications.</p>
<div class="p">The Web development environment provides the following high-level capabilities:
<ul><li>Dynamic Web project creation, using the J2EE-defined hierarchy, or a static
version that reduces project overhead when dynamic elements are not required.
Static Web projects can later be converted to dynamic Web projects.<p></p>
<li>Creation and editing of a Web application deployment descriptor (<span class="filepath">web.xml</span>)
<li>JSP and HTML file creation, validation, editing, and debugging<p></p>
<li>An extensible view, called the Snippets view, which allows users to catalog
and organize reusable programming objects, such as HTML, JavaScript&#8482;,
and JSP markup, along with files and custom tags, that can be embedded in
existing files<p></p>
<li>Dynamic tag help (content assist) , which displays tag usage and attribute
information for HTML, JSP, and JavaScript tags based on cursor location
in the Source page. (You invoke Content Assist by pressing (Ctrl+Spacebar)
<li>Cascading style sheet (CSS) editing support<p></p>
<li>HTTP/FTP import<p></p>
<li>FTP export (simple resource copy) to a server<p></p>
<li>WAR file import, export, and validation<p></p>
<li>Servlet creation, which employs the Servlet Wizard to create new servlets.<p></p>
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