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featureName=Sphinx Core (Incubation)
providerName=Eclipse Modeling Project
description=Sphinx model workspace management enabling model instances to be to centrally created and shared across the whole workspace such all views, editors, builders, and processors \
that need to access these models operate on the same model instance. This includes the mapping of model files to editing domains, the management of the models' load/unload \
and dirty state/save lifecycles as well as the synchronization of the loaded model instances with changes in the underlying resources. Along with that, a number of common runtime-level \
enhancements of EMF and the Eclipse Platform are provided such as descriptors of metamodels that may consist of a single of multiple EPackages, dynamically modifiable resource scopes to \
determine which resources belong to which shared model instance, model migration services, on-the-fly XML and XSD validation and problem marker creation while model are being loaded and \
saved, as well as a couple of performance optimizations and utilities.
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