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  1. 9fe7020  Merged latest I_4_3 changes on master by Sven Rottstock - 12 hours ago master
  2. f7ccbf8  [425733]: Merged feature/maven-migration branch on I_4_3 by Sven Rottstock - 14 hours ago I_4_3
  3. 1b8a485  [425733]: Skip install and deploy of aggregator POMs by Sven Rottstock - 3 days ago feature/maven-migration
  4. baf20b9  [425733]: toc-generator project is no longer needed by Sven Rottstock - 3 days ago
  5. 517a1a8  Directly using product-parent instead of stardust-parent. by Robert Sauer - 2 weeks ago
  6. 0ff94d5  Merged latest I_4_3 changes by Sven Rottstock - 3 weeks ago
  7. 3ee8e56  [425733]: dependencyManagement section is not needed since product-parent contains it already by Sven Rottstock - 8 weeks ago
  8. 33b7d3e  increased version number for further development by Nicolas Werlein - 3 months ago
  9. 18a420a  CRNT-30728: Rewrote algorithm which locks selects and locks transition tokens in order to prevent SQL with more huge number of bind values for list predicates. Additionally fixed ivy file used in eclipse by IvyDE. by Stephan Born - 5 months ago
  10. cc8d93d  CRNT-25015: Synced changes from Kepler branch (GIT) by Sven Rottstock - 5 months ago
  11. fe78018  CRNT-31146: Merged changes done on b_dev_7_1_2_SPx for from Service packs SP30 to SP46 to b_dev_7_1_x (7.1.4). by Stephan Born - 5 months ago
  12. 335e4ea  [425075]: Use only IvyDE to compile the project by Sven Rottstock - 3 months ago v2.0.0.20140129-0412-M5 v2.0.0.20140312-0629-M6
  13. 92eedbb  [425075]: Use only IvyDE to compile the project by Sven Rottstock - 3 months ago v1.1.1.20140122-0753 v1.1.2.20140212-0451 v1.1.2.20140212-0451-RC3 v1.1.2.20140219-0355
  14. 8773e39  [416353] Exclude javassist so that IvyDE is able to resolve all dependencies of jcr-vfs by Sven Rottstock - 4 months ago v1.1.0.20131212-1034-RC2 v1.1.0.20131213-1128-RC3 v1.1.0.20131218-0839-R
  15. 315016c  423307: Fixed compile issue in Eclipse which happens with IvyDE by Sven Rottstock - 5 months ago v2.0.0.20131218-0600-M4
  16. e93c4fc  423299: Merged Stardust 1.1.0 RC1 sources from I_4_3 branch into master by Stephan Born - 5 months ago
  17. da8cf7f  CRNT-28610: Publish sources from artifacts by Sven Rottstock - 7 months ago v1.1.0.20131204-0911-RC1
  18. 09cd1cd  Jira-ID: CRNT-27109 Upgraded hazelcast to 2.4-stardust01 release version. Updated documentation references to hazelcast. by Roland Stamm - 7 months ago
  19. 0a1dc62  Jira-ID: CRNT-30559 Adjusting return type of getResourceAdapter() method to match the setter. by Robert Sauer - 7 months ago
  20. 4e6d807  Fixing jcr-vfs compilation, excluding non-approved dependencies. by Robert Sauer - 8 months ago