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  1. b0fb4cc  423299: Merged Stardust 1.1.0 RC1 sources from I_4_3 branch into master by Stephan Born - 5 months ago master v2.0.0.20131218-0600-M4 v2.0.0.20140129-0412-M5 v2.0.0.20140312-0629-M6
  2. e1bc036  Merged Stardust 1.0.1 RC4 (Kepler SR1) by Stephan Born - 6 months ago v1.1.0.20131204-0911-RC1 v1.1.0.20131212-1034-RC2 v1.1.0.20131213-1128-RC3 v1.1.0.20131218-0839-R v1.1.1.20140122-0753 v1.1.2.20140212-0451 v1.1.2.20140212-0451-RC3 v1.1.2.20140219-0355
  3. e154e34  Bug 417324 updated bundle names by Simone Seurer - 7 months ago I_4_3_SR1 v1.0.1.20130918-0711-RC4
  4. 4c834eb  Jira-ID: CRNT-28647 CRNT-28647: fixed resolving of external xsds within the eclipse workspace by Holger Prause - 11 months ago
  5. b4c7951  Jira-ID: CRNT-28451 CRNT-28451: made changes so the root exception will be visible by Holger Prause - 12 months ago
  6. fa408bf  Jira-ID: CRNT-28647 CRNT-28647: fixed dependency problem at runtime by Holger Prause - 1 year ago
  7. fda91f3  Jira-ID: CRNT-28795 CRNT-28795: fixed problem , committed to be able to build carnot-reporting.war by Holger Prause - 1 year ago
  8. a4d0fec  Jira-ID: CRNT-28647 CRNT-28647: when running in designer, external xsds must be resolved in the eclipse workspace by Holger Prause - 1 year ago
  9. 09cb95c  Jira-ID: CRNT-28451 CRNT-28451: removed invalid reference to library by Holger Prause - 1 year ago
  10. 162f799  414659: Merge all changes which was needed for Stardust 1.0.0 (v1.0.0.20130612-0325-R) from I_4_3 into master by Sven Rottstock - 9 months ago
  11. bad961e  408976: set provider name to "Eclipse Stardust" by Sven Rottstock - 11 months ago v1.0.0.20130529-0312-RC2 v1.0.0.20130605-0344-RC3 v1.0.0.20130612-0325-R v1.0.0.20130612-0325-RC4 v1.1.0.20130821-0805-RC1 v1.1.0.20130904-1402-RC2
  12. 18b1f38  CRNT-28239: fixed js problems by Holger Prause - 12 months ago v1.0.0.20130508-0250-M7 v1.0.0.20130522-0655-RC1
  13. 4847b3d  CRNT-28239: added missing report parameter by Holger Prause - 12 months ago
  14. fb63dc5  CRNT-28239: fixed js errors by Holger Prause - 12 months ago
  15. c2a76b1  Bug 406551: Merged latest changes from master into I_4_3 branch by Sven Rottstock - 12 months ago
  16. fa78f54  Support latest Birt version which is available for Kepler by Holger Prause - 12 months ago
  17. 6545519  Bug #402299 - Branding of feature by Simone Seurer - 12 months ago
  18. af8e195  Install RT reporting plugins into the local maven repository so that Ivy is able to retrieve them by Sven Rottstock - 1 year ago
  19. 5b1cab2  Bug #401280 added missing required files to features/plugins by Simone - 1 year ago
  20. 34ab907  Jira-ID: CRNT-28549 Merge changes done on b_dev_5_3_x after 5.3.19.GA ( through 5.3.20.GA (5.3.20.XX-rXXXXX) to 7.2 (TRUNK) - kernel / modeler / build (merged CRNT-27439: In report data of structured data list type are not shown.) by Antje Fuhrmann - 1 year, 1 month ago