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  1. 562ccf9  [425542]: Pack and sign specific stuff should not be executed per default by Sven Rottstock - 3 months ago master v2.0.0.20140129-0412-M5 v2.0.0.20140312-0629-M6
  2. cc5b714  423307: Use M4 repository by Sven Rottstock - 3 months ago
  3. e209f4b  Bug 422559: Use pack200 and signing plugins from Tycho resp. Dash Eclipse by Sven Rottstock - 5 months ago v2.0.0.20131218-0600-M4
  4. e936c75  423307: Added luna-build profile and changed staging-build so that it points to luna by Sven Rottstock - 4 months ago
  5. ef46903  423299: Merged Stardust 1.1.0 RC1 sources from I_4_3 branch into master by Stephan Born - 5 months ago
  6. f9a54e2  422554: use default property name pattern which identifies a dependency version by Sven Rottstock - 5 months ago v1.1.0.20131204-0911-RC1 v1.1.0.20131212-1034-RC2 v1.1.0.20131213-1128-RC3 v1.1.0.20131218-0839-R
  7. d25e158  422554: Update Tycho to 0.19.0 by Sven Rottstock - 5 months ago
  8. 27fc528  Fixed repository location by Sven Rottstock - 5 months ago
  9. c7ed0c7  CRNT-27490: Use Eclipse/Stardust specific dependency versions and repositories by Sven Rottstock - 9 months ago
  10. 3d0b95d  416536: using local copy of dash eclipse-signing-maven-plugin. Needs to be removed later. by Stephan Born - 8 months ago I_4_3_SR1 v1.0.1.20130918-0711-RC4 v1.1.0.20130904-1402-RC2
  11. 33e4b25  414659: Merge all changes which was needed for Stardust 1.0.0 (v1.0.0.20130612-0325-R) from I_4_3 into master by Sven Rottstock - 9 months ago
  12. 0a6a491  413595: Adapted URLs regarding the final Kepler release; added staging-build profile by Sven Rottstock - 9 months ago v1.0.0.20130612-0325-R v1.1.0.20130821-0805-RC1
  13. c39454c  407283: added Orbit repo for building the documentation web archive which is based on Eclipse Infocenter by Sven Rottstock - 11 months ago v1.0.0.20130522-0655-RC1 v1.0.0.20130529-0312-RC2 v1.0.0.20130605-0344-RC3 v1.0.0.20130612-0325-RC4
  14. 25dc860  402417: Add JUnit component for Ant driven builds by Sven Rottstock - 12 months ago v1.0.0.20130508-0250-M7
  15. 1dc554c  Set proper version qualifier for SNAPSHOT builds by Sven Rottstock - 1 year ago
  16. fb0028d  Merged all changes from master into the I_4_3 branch by Sven Rottstock - 1 year, 1 month ago v1.0.0.20130320-0910-M6
  17. ae8daa6  Merged build changes from b_dev_0_7_1 to master by Sven Rottstock - 1 year, 2 months ago v0.7.1.20130315-1150-RC4 v0.7.1.20130322-0748-RC5
  18. 59f1a19  CRNT-27490: use the corresponding Orbit bundle if we have a specific CQ for this by Sven Rottstock - 1 year, 2 months ago
  19. ede40d8  CRNT-27490: modified ivy descriptors so that only orbit artifacts are used by Sven Rottstock - 1 year, 2 months ago
  20. 4bf1095  Bug 401918: Adapted version comparison in order to make Stardust version 1.0.0 compatible to legacy code using higher version by Stephan Born - 1 year, 2 months ago