TCF Agent: improved handling of long messages in the TCF channel implementation
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Target Communication Framework

TCF is a vendor-neutral, lightweight, extensible network protocol mainly for communicating with embedded systems (targets). On top of the protocol specification, which is the core of TCF, the project includes a plain-C implementation of a lightweight extendable target agent, Java client API (usable stand-alone or on top of Eclipse), Python and Lua client APIs, complete debugger UI implementation in Eclipse, integration with CDT, Target Explorer, documentation and usage examples.


agent : The reference agent, implementing debug related services e.g. Memory, RunControl, Registers, Stacktrace, Breakpoints, Symbols, LineNumbers, Expressions.

docker : Dockerfile image for host and cross builds of the debug agent.

examples : Implementation of a daytime service.

server : A proxy server sitting between the client on the host and an agent running/embedded on the target as part of the firmware or RTOS. It implements Symbols and LineNumbers services.

tests : Standalone tools for testing (e.g dwarf, extended commandline client)