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Working with this project in Eclipse

This project will report errors when imported into Eclipse because of missing tigerstripe-api.jar and tigerstripe-core.jar. You must build this project once locally with Maven for these files to be copied into this projects /lib folder and for the project errors to go away. These two files are marked in this projects .gitignore to avoid new versions being re-committed to SCM with every commit, hence they will be missing on a fresh checkout.

  • Build once with mvn clean install or similar, the dependencies jars are copied by maven-dependency-plugin during the generate-resources phase.
  • If you make changes to tigerstripe-api or tigerstripe-core projects, you must rebuild them with Maven (i.e. mvn clean install) and re-run this project build for those new JARS to be copied into this projects /lib folder.

The main aggregator POM builds all these projects together to ensure that latest tigerstripe-api and tigerstripe-core are built and copied into this project before it is packaged and before its tests are executed.