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// //
// Copyright (c) 2000-2019 Ericsson Telecom AB //
// //
// All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials //
// are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v2.0 //
// which accompanies this distribution, and is available at //
// //
// //
#ifndef TTCN3COV_HH
#define TTCN3COV_HH
#include <TTCN3.hh>
#include "EPTF_CLL_TTCN3Coverage.hh"
class TTCN3COV {
TTCN3COV(const char* moduleName=NULL, int codeLines=-1):
,codeLines(codeLines) {
// this is needed to force the ttcn3cov_global object to be constructed before any TTCN3COV => it will be destructed last:
static TTCN3COV_GLOBAL ttcn3cov_global=TTCN3COV_GLOBAL(); // this var generates the coverage info when destructed on the HC
//fprintf(stderr,"TTCN3COV constructed\n");
if (moduleName!=NULL) {
setLocation((const char*)(CHARSTRING(moduleName)+".ttcn")); // to set it even if no code line is called in the file
//fprintf(stderr,"TTCN3COV constructed done\n");
//fprintf(stderr,"TTCN3COV destroyed\n");
void enterFunction(const char* filename,const int& lineno,const char* functionName);
void executeLine(const char* filename,const int& lineno);
void printStat(); // prints the coverage statistics
void writeToFile(const char* data); // writes data to file
static void log(const char *fmt, ...);
void setCodeLines(const char* moduleName, int codeLines);
static TTCN3COV& getInstance() {
static TTCN3COV ttcn3cov;
return ttcn3cov;
void setLocation(const char* filename); // sets the current location
void incCov(const int& element, const int& lineno); // increments coverage counter at the current location
int findElement(const char* filename);
int newElement(const char* filename);
// location database
int currentLocationIdx;
char* currentLocationFile;
EPTF__CLL__TTCN3Coverage::EPTF__TTCN3CoverageDb coverageDb;
INTEGER hashmapId;
CHARSTRING moduleName;
int codeLines;
extern TTCN3COV& ttcn3cov;
class TTCN3COV_SetCodeLines {
TTCN3COV_SetCodeLines(const char* moduleName=NULL, int codeLines=-1) {
if (codeLines!=-1 && moduleName!=NULL) {