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# This section shall contain the values of all parameters that are defined in your TTCN-3 modules.
tsp_xtdp_listen_addr := ""
tsp_xtdp_listen_port := 11420
# In this section you can specify the name of the log file and the classes of events
# you want to log into the file or display on console (standard error).
LogFile :="logs/%e.%h-%t%r.%s"
LogSourceInfo := Yes
AppendFile := No
TimeStampFormat := DateTime
LogEventTypes := Yes
SourceInfoFormat := Stack
LogEntityName := Yes
MatchingHints := Compact
# In this section you can specify parameters that are passed to Test Ports.
# In this section you can create macro definitions,
# that can be used in other configuration file sections except [INCLUDE].
# To use configuration settings given in other configuration files,
# the configuration files just need to be listed in this section, with their full or relative pathnames.
# This section can define external commands (shell scripts) to be executed by the ETS
# whenever a control part or test case is started or terminated.
#BeginTestCase := ""
#EndTestCase := ""
#BeginControlPart := ""
#EndControlPart := ""
# In this section you can specify what parts of your test suite you want to execute.
# In this section you can specify groups of hosts. These groups can be used inside the
# [COMPONENTS] section to restrict the creation of certain PTCs to a given set of hosts.
# This section consists of rules restricting the location of created PTCs.
# The options herein control the behaviour of MC.
TCPPort := 0
KillTimer := 10.0
# NumHCs := 0
# LocalAddress :=