releng: Target update for Mars.2

-Update 4.5 target with final Mars.2 update sites, use
non-composite where possible as they should not change (speeds up
dependency resolution)
-Build with 4.5 target by default

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Eclipse Trace Compass

This source tree contains the source code for the Trace Compass plugins for Eclipse.

The plugins are categorized as follows:

analysis/    | Generic extensions to the base framework
btf/         | Best Trace Format (BTF) integration
common/      | Generic utilities that can be used by other plugins
ctf/         | Common Trace Format (CTF) reader library
doc/         | Documentation and code examples
gdbtrace/    | Support for reading and viewing GDB traces
lttng/       | LTTng integration
pcap/        | libpcap integration
rcp/         | Code specific to the RCP version
releng/      | Releng-related plugins
statesystem/ | State System library
tmf/         | Core framework

See the components.svg file for a diagram showing the dependencies between the different components.

Setting up the development environment

To set up the environment to build Trace Compass from within Eclipse, see this wiki page:

Compiling manually

To build the project manually using Maven, simply run the following command from the top-level directory:

mvn clean install

The default command will compile and run the unit tests. Running the tests can take some time, to skip them you can append -Dmaven.test.skip=true to the mvn command:

mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=true

Stand-alone application (RCP) packages will be placed in rcp/org.eclipse.tracecompass.rcp.product/target/products.

The p2 update site, used for installation as plugins inside Eclipse, will be placed in releng/org.eclipse.tracecompass.releng-site/target/repository.

Maven profiles and properties

The following Maven profiles, and their corresponding properties, are defined in the build system. You can set them by using -P[profile name] and -D[property name]=[value] in mvn commands.

  • -Pctf-grammar

    Re-compiles the CTF grammar files. This should be enabled if you modify the .g files in the ctf.parser plugin.

  • -P -build-rcp

    Disables the “build-rcp” profile to skip building the RCP archives.

  • -Pdeploy-rcp

    Mainly for use on build servers. Copies the generated RCP archives, as well as the RCP-specific update site, to the paths specified by -DrcpDestination=/absolute/path/to/destination and -DrcpSiteDestination=/absolute/path/to/destination, respectively. Must be used with -Pbuild-rcp!

  • -Pdeploy-update-site

    Mainly for use on build servers. Copies the standard update site (for the Eclipse plugin installation) to the destination specified by -DsiteDestination=/absolute/path/to/destination.

  • -Psign-update-site

    Mainly for use on build servers. Signs all the generated update sites using the Eclipse signing server.

  • -Pdeploy-doc

    Mainly for use on build servers. Copies the generated HTML documentation to the destination specified by -DdocDestination=/absolute/path/to/destination. Some directories may need to already exist at the destination (or Maven will throw related errors).