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Trace Compass Test Traces

This tree contains a set of CTF test traces, primarily for use in Trace Compass.

To build the package and install it in your local Maven repo, simply isssue

mvn clean install

You can also use the deploy target to populate both a standard Maven repo and a p2 update site. The -Dmaven-deploy-destination and -Dp2-deploy-destination properties can be used to specify their respective deploy locations. For example:

mvn clean deploy -Dmaven-deploy-destination=file:///var/www/traces/maven -Dp2-deploy-destination=/var/www/traces/repository

(Note that the first property needs a file:/// scheme, but the second does not.)

You can then point depending projects to these locations.

By default a snapshot version is built and deployed. To deploy a release version for the Maven repo, the pom.xml files need to be updated to remove the SNAPSHOT tag from pom.xml files. This is not needed when deploying p2 update sites.

Adding a new test trace (CTF or Ftrace)

Note the description below describes the procedure for CTF. For Ftrace, the procedure is the same. Just replace ctf with ftrace and Ctf with Ftrace respectively.

The modules follow the Maven standard directory layout.

To add a new CTF test trace, add it to the ctf/src/main/resources directory. Make sure it is not archived or anything, as this will be exposed as-is to the users.

Then update the ctf/src/main/java/.../ file accordingly to include the new trace.

Make sure the parameters (event count, etc.) are correct! This project does not check those at the moment, but if they are incorrect they will fail some Trace Compass unit tests. This is a known issue.

Finally, bump the project's minor version (1.7.0 -> 1.8.0) in the main pom.xml and related <parent> blocks.

Deploying the repo and update site

As opposed to the previous Eclipse CI infrastructure setup, the new setup doesn't have direct write access to the deployment server, and hence the Maven repo and p2 update site cannot be copied directly.

The Release Jenkins Job is now configured to deploy the artificats to the deployment server. A committer in the Eclipse Trace Compass project can trigger this build manually to make a release. After the release is done tag the version with the new version tag, for example 1.8.0.

The Nighly Jenkins Job is configured to deploy a nighly p2 updates site which is automatically triggered when the source code repository is updated.

Note: Starting with version 1.8.0 only p2 update sites are maintained and the Maven repo is not deployed anymore.