437438 implementation and unittest of the release redeploy bugfix

- checks if the master repository is a MavenRepository for RELEASE
artifacts and with WRITE (REDEPLOY) policy
- compares timestamps to update cache if necessary
- see UnzipCacheTest.testReleaseRedeploy for a testcase
- RepositoryMock has a new inner subclass MavenRepositoryMock which
implements the MavenRepository interface

Bug: 437438
Signed-off-by: hardi.probst@gmail.com
Change-Id: Ic8cbe59d39c62198160ee115ee168de6535b15c2
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Nexus Unzip Repository Plugin

The Unzip Repository is a plugin for the Nexus OSS maven repository manager It enables binary p2 artifact exchange between Tycho projects via Nexus.