423292 Fail to create unzip repository on Nexus 2.6.4 from GUI

the "500 - Internal server error" on creating new unzip repositories
is a bug in the DefaultUnzipRepository's nexus state handling

- invented method DefaultUnzipRepository.isNexusStarted() to respect
  both the nexus state - if accessible - and the nexus started event.
- testCreateChangeStatusAndRemoveUnzipRepositoryAfterNexusStarted()
  reproduces the error.

Bug: 423292
Signed-off-by: Stephan Weber <stephan.weber@sap.com>
Change-Id: I5720b0a821f3dfb621c6ab7d4ebe9edffe9d60b5
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Nexus Unzip Repository Plugin

The Unzip Repository is a plugin for the Nexus OSS maven repository manager It enables binary p2 artifact exchange between Tycho projects via Nexus.