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  1. 052c143  469230 Unresolved parameter interpolation must not fail test execution by Martin Schreiber - 2 weeks ago master
  2. 5edbe32  Bug 471402: improve error message when equinox launcher feature missing by Jan Sievers - 4 days ago
  3. c0efabd  Bug 469090: use Mars final binaries by Jan Sievers - 8 days ago
  4. 066c03d  Don't use deprecated plexus-archiver API by Mikolaj Izdebski - 3 weeks ago
  5. ad9d9ea  Go back to SNAPSHOT for eclipse binaries by Jan Sievers - 5 weeks ago

About Tycho

Tycho is a manifest-first way to build

with Maven.

Building Tycho from sources:

mvn clean install

For more details, see Developing Tycho