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:virgo-name: Virgo
:version: 3.7.0.RELEASE
:umbrella-virgo-name: Eclipse Virgo
:tomcat-product-name: Virgo for Apache Tomcat
:tomcat-product-name-short: VTS
:jetty-product-name: Virgo Jetty Server
:jetty-product-name-short: VJS
:kernel-product-name: Virgo Kernel
:kernel-product-name-short: VK
:nano-product-name: Virgo Nano
:nano-product-name-short: VN
:user-guide: link:../../virgo-user-guide/html/index.html[User Guide]
:tooling-guide: link:../../virgo-tooling-guide/html/index.html[Tooling Guide]
:gemini-blueprint-guide:[Eclipse Gemini Blueprint Reference Guide]
:spring-framework-version: 4.2.9.RELEASE
:imagesdir: assets/images
== Known Issues
This section describes known issues that you might run into, along with corresponding workarounds.
For the full list of known issues, see;order=Importance;classification=RT;product=Virgo[Virgo bugs in Eclipse Bugzilla].
The bugs are organised by component as well as by release.
You can also use bugzilla to enter a new issue if you cannot find an existing issue that describes the problem you are running into, but it's probably worth asking on the[Virgo community forum] first.
=== Timeout During Startup Due to Firewall Settings
{virgo-name} will fail to start correctly if it is prevented from
connecting to needed ports by the firewall. Typically this manifests
as error `SPPM0003E` . Configuring the firewall to
allow {virgo-name} process to bind to the necessary ports will prevent
this error from occurring.
=== Timeout During Startup Due to Insufficient Resources
{virgo-name} will fail to start correctly if it is running on slow hardware or
on a system with insufficient resources. Typically this manifests as error `KE0004E` .
Configuring the xref:configuring-kernel-properties[startup wait limit] will provide
{virgo-name} with more time for initialisation.
=== OutOfMemoryError: PermGen Space Running on Sun JVM
As a result of Sun Java bug[4957990],
the {virgo-name} may consume more PermGen space than expected when running with the
server HotSpot compiler. This problem may be resolved by configuring the
`JAVA_OPTS` environment variable to specify an increased
`MaxPermSize`, for example `-XX:MaxPermSize=128M`.
=== Alternate `serviceability` and `work` Directories
Although an alternate `configuration` directory may be specified on startup, there is no way to specify
alternate `serviceability` or `work` directories. This is covered by[bug 307737] which also describes a workaround.
=== Problem Deleting Installation Directory under Windows
Sometimes Microsoft Windows won't let you delete the {virgo-name} Server installation directory, typically because of long paths
inside the `work` directory.
You can return the {virgo-name} instance to a clean state by stopping {virgo-name} if necessary and then running the startup script with the options
`-clean -noStart`, after which you should be able to delete the installation directory.
See xref:cleaning-without-starting[Cleaning {tomcat-product-name} without Starting it] for more information.
=== Long Work Directory Paths under Windows
Problems can arise under Windows when long paths are created in the `work` directory as artefacts are deployed.
You can shorten some of these paths by preventing bundles from being unpacked during deployment.
See xref:configuring-deployment[Configuring Deployment] for more information.
=== {jetty-product-name} Restrictions
When using the {jetty-product-name} the Hosted Repository application and the Snaps modular web technology are not supported.
=== Shutdown Log Messages in Telnet Shell
When you use the `shutdown` shell command to stop Virgo Server for Apache Tomcat, the shutdown log messages appear in the shell terminal instead of in the terminal in which Virgo runs.
See xref:admin-shell-enable[Enabling Equinox Console] for more information. This is covered also by[bug 351533].