Publishing 3rd party bundles

We use our JIPP instance to publish 3rd party bundles. The job virgo-mirrored-master publishes the artifacts created with subproject ebr.


Gradle default tasks:

  1. clean - Cleans old build output
  2. bundlor - Generates the OSGi metadata plus jar bundles
  3. publishToMavenLocal - Publishes jar bundles to [USER_HOME]/.m2/org/eclipse/virgo/mirrored/[artifactId]/[version]/[bundle].jar
  4. test - Executes the PaxExam tests, the bundles are resolved against local Maven repo thus publishToMavenLocal is required to be executed before test
  5. publishIvyPublicationToIvyRepository - Publishes the jar bundles to ivy repo (only possible on HIPP)

Build and test locally:

`./gradlew clean bundlor publishToMavenLocal test`

Update Version of a Spring Framework stream

The Spring Framework BOM (Bill of Material) is a good point to start spring-framework-bom : 5.0.4.RELEASE

  • Rename the directories to the new version of Spring.
  • Check and update the versions of the dependencies in, if required.

Add a new Spring Framework stream

  • Create new folder structure e.g. 5.1.<version>