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Simple wiring example base project.
Part 1 - Imports/Exports
1. Install the bundles into Equinox. Start bundle.x, it will wire to bundle.y2 for its dependencies.
Part 2 - Attributes
1. Add an attribute to the import of 'p' in bundle.x
2. Show the failed resolve
3. Add the matching attribute to the export of 'p' in bundle.y1
4. Show the mixed bundle resolve
Part 3 - Mandatory Attributes
1. Add a mandatory attribute to the export 'q' in 'bundle.y2'
2. Show how bundle.x cannot wire to it
3. Now match that attribute in bundle.x
Part 4 - Uses
1. Install bundle.z
2. Add import of 'r' into bundle.x
3. Show how bundle.x is wired to bundle.z for 'r'
4. Show wiring of bundle.z
5. Now, change the version of the 'p' import in bundle.x to [1.2.4,-)
6. Show how this cannot resolve