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- (hzariv) added a new marker interface called IWillBeScriptable.
This interface is used by JsNative interfaces to indicate that implementation class of this interface
is a Rhino scriptable object and can be safetly casted to Scriptable interface.
- (yyao) added m_javaProxy in ScriptableObject and modified get and put methods
This specific field is to store IJsJavaProxy if the current native object
had been wrapped by an IJsJavaProxy. It wasn't added into normal property to
avoid different "for-in" results.
- (yyao) added IJsJavaConvertible and IJsJavaConverter, modified Context and
NativeJavaObject to support custom data type conversion.
- (yyao) modified NativeJavaMethod to enable escaping extra args for Java
method invocation
This modification is to simulate JavaScript behavior where extra args can be