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Eclipse Events Page

The code implements the Eclipse Foundation events

Author: Angelika Wittek, Konteno
inspired by work from Christoper Guindon, Eclipse Foundation

Published under the EPL

Requirements: Ralph Mueller, Eclipse Foundation; Roxanne Joncas, Eclipse Foundation


  • Eclipse page boilerplate

Uses external libraries:

  • leafletjs
  • jQuery


Download content to your local machine

$ git clone https://(yourname)

Using git on your local machine

make your changes and commit

$ vi data/EclipseEvents.json // vi or use any other editor
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "commit comments"

Push changes to Eclipse Foundation git/Gerrit

You will be asked for a password, you can retrieve it with Please use your Bugzilla login credentials and copy the password. Replace (yourname) with your git / Gerrit user name.

$ git push https://(yourname) HEAD:refs/for/master

Once you have pushed your changes to Gerrit, they will get reviewed and eventually pushed to the site.

Review changes that others made

Open,n,z in your web-browser.

Review changes (this is a more complex task that needs to be discussed)

Copy and edit template for new event entries in the Jason File

file location: data/EclipseEvents.json

Copy text below and insert into JSON file If you insert the last entry in the file, ommit the trailing comma

Replace the second part of each pair with the appropriate information,

Look up the geo data (longitude and latitude) based on the address. You can use for example this geocoder

To help us, please use the “MMM DD, YYYY” format for the “date” fields. Example: “Nov 3, 2013” will work just fine!
We hope to find a more general solution in the future.We are not using the time for anything (yet), so feel free to add the time in any format that is appropriate.

        "country": "country",

xx can be any of the following:

  • dc - Demo Camp & Stammtisch
  • wg - Working Group Events
  • ec - EclipseCon
  • ed - Eclipse Day & Hackathons
  • et - Training Series
  • ee - Other interesting Events

Additional events can be added, please let us know if you miss a type

URL Parameter

Therer are two:

  • eventtype
  • year For example: shows only the events of type ed (Training) in the year 2015

How you can help

  • please report problems that you encounter, as well as improvement proposals via Eclipse Bugzilla
  • add your event information by sending an email to