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<title>WTP 1.5.5 Patches</title>
<h1>WTP 1.5.5 Patches</h1>
<p>Bug <a href=''>203155</a>. ISynchronizerExtenders not invoked if ResourceDelta contains changes from more than 1 project</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>206463</a>. Threading issues with WebServicesNode Job</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>211115</a>. J2EE FlexProjDeployable getURI(IModule module) returns an incorrect URI</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>209562</a>. J2EE DependencyGraphManager.metadataChanged() causing long delays</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>215538</a>. Several problems with J2EE and Web Dependencies properties pages</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>229110</a>. ComponentUtilities.findFile() may cause ClassCastException</p>
<p>Bug <a href=''>229478</a>. ComponentSaveStrategyImpl needs to respect deploy paths</p>
<p>Bug <a href="">239309</a>. Deadlock</p>
<p>Bug <a href="">246872</a>. Duplicated warnings from validation</p>