Append a / to the webtools.buildSite

Change-Id: I1b71daf774767905ef6b2be81a43314ec0039059
diff --git a/wtp-parent/pom.xml b/wtp-parent/pom.xml
index 8909938..4ff7246 100644
--- a/wtp-parent/pom.xml
+++ b/wtp-parent/pom.xml
@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@
     <!-- DEPRECATED: Can be overriden in CLI: mvn clean verify -Pbuild-individual-bundles -Dwebtools.buildSite=http://....   -->

     <!-- DEPRECATED: This /I-latest/ folder is ONLY used by the deprecated profiles build-individual-bundles and integration -->

     <!-- DEPRECATED: For first build of a new release 3.x, this should point to PREVIOUS release 3.x-1 or the integration test jobs will fail -->

-    <webtools.buildSite></webtools.buildSite>

+    <webtools.buildSite></webtools.buildSite>