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<title>Contributing to Eclipse 4diac</title>
<meta name="As open source project depends on the support of its userser and contributors. Learn hear how you can contribute to Eclispe 4diac">
<meta name="keywords" content="how to contribute, develop new featuers, fix bugs, triage bugs, extend documentation, dvelop demo applications">
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<p>Thanks for your interest to support 4diac. There are multiple ways to contribute.</p>
<h2>Documentation, Marketing, and Supporting new Users</h2>
<li>Improve and extend the existing documentation</li>
<li>Write new tutorials</li>
<li>Support the forums: Answer questions in the different forums</li>
<li>Spread the word: link to 4diac, use 4diac logo on your web page, write articles, blog entries, etc.</li>
<h2>Bug Wrangling and Testing</h2>
<li>Find and report bugs to ensure the quality of 4diac.</li>
<li>Submit ideas for improvement via <a href="">4diac's Bugzilla</a>.</li>
<li>Review and verify <a href="">reported bugs</a>. Sometimes there is not enough info attached to a bug report or it is hard to reproduce. Trying to reproduce a bug and extending the description is of great value.</li>
<li>Rate Bugs, feature requests, and ideas. This helps that we can focus our limited resources on the most important elements first.</li>
<p>If you are a developer feel free to grab the code and start hacking. You can submit your patch any time when you are ready.</p>
<li>Extend and improve FB library. Having a large set of FBs increases the usability of 4diac for developing control solutions.</li>
<li>For ideas where to start your effort have a look at the bugs and features submitted to the <a href="">4diac's issue tracker</a>.</li>
<li>For getting started feel free to ask questions in the <a href="">4diac discussion forum</a> and in <a href="">4diac's mailing list</a>.</li>
<!--h2>Who's Involved</h2>
<td width="33%"><p>
<h3>Project Lead:</h3>
<ul><li>Alois Zoitl (fortiss GmbH)</li></ul>
<td width="46%"><p>
<li>Alois Zoitl (fortiss GmbH)</li>
<li>Gerhard Ebenhofer (Profactor GmbH)</li>
<li>Martin Melik-Merkumians (TU Wien ACIN)</li>
<li>Monika Wenger (fortiss GmbH)</li>
<td width="20%"><p>
<li>Ed Merks</li>
<li>Eike Stepper</li>
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