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<title>Eclipse 4diac Documentation</title>
<meta name="Eclipse 4diac's documentation providing help and to get started with Eclipse 4diac">
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$XML = new DOMDocument();
$XML->load( 'documentation/html/toc.xml' );
#echo $XML->saveXML();
$xslt = new XSLTProcessor();
$XSL = new DOMDocument();
$XSL->load( 'documentation/toc.xsl', LIBXML_NOCDATA);
#echo $XSL->saveXML();
$xslt->importStylesheet( $XSL );
echo $xslt->transformToXML( $XML );
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$helpPage = 'documentation/html/startHere/startHere.html';
if(isset($_GET['helppage'])) {
$helpPage = getHelpPageName($_GET['helppage'], $helpPage);
$helpContent = file_get_contents($helpPage);
//fix internal links
$helpContent = preg_replace('(<a href="[\./]*html/)', '<a href="en_help.php?helppage=html/', $helpContent);
//fix image links
$helpContent = preg_replace('( src="[\./]*html/)', ' src="documentation/html/', $helpContent);
echo $helpContent;
function getHelpPageName($helpFileName, $defaultHelpFile){
$helpFileName = checkPageName($helpFileName, $defaultHelpFile);
//only allow a help file if it is also referenced in the toc
if(!strpos(file_get_contents("documentation/html/toc.xml"), $helpFileName)){
return $defaultHelpFile;
$helpFileName = 'documentation/' . $helpFileName;
if ( ! is_file($helpFileName ) || ! is_readable($helpFileName) ) {
return $defaultHelpFile;
return $helpFileName;
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