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<title>4diac Media</title>
<meta name="description" content="Media like stickers desktop backgrounds, flyers for promoting 4diac.">
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<h2>Showing that you are using 4diac</h2>
<p>With these two stickers you can show the world that you are using 4diac. Put it on your web-page, flyers, controllers, laptops, t-shirts...
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<img src="media/poweredby4diac_small.png" alt="release" height="100"/>
<br> <a href="media/poweredby4diac_small.svg">Powered by 4diac large SVG</a>
<br> <a href="media/poweredby4diac_small.png">Powered by 4diac large PNG</a>
<td width="380" style='padding:0px 30px 0px 0px'>
<img src="media/poweredby4diac_large.png" alt="release" height="100"/>
<br> <a href="media/poweredby4diac_large.svg">Powered by 4diac large SVG</a>
<br> <a href="media/poweredby4diac_large.png">Powered by 4diac large PNG</a>
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