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4DIAC Release 1.7.0
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<p>We are proud to announce the new major release of 4DIAC V1.7.0. As always, this release is a combined release of all current 4DIAC projects: 4DIAC-IDE, 4DIAC-LIB, FORTE, and 4DIAC-Systems. The main improvements for 1.7.0 are:</p>
<li>Monitoring is extended to the internals of Composite Function Blocks</li>
<li>Support for the PFC 200 PLC from WAGO</li>
<li>Performance and memory usage improvements in FORTE</li>
<li>New communication protocol EclipseSCADA SFP all</li>
<li>New improved editor for service sequence diagrams</li>
<p>Furthermore many improvements and bug-fixes have been performed. Together with the issues fixed during the maintenance of the last major release 44 issues could be solved.
<br>As always please download, test, and report problems and bugs.
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