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On our way to 1.8!
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<p>Today we released our first milestone on our way to 4DIAC 1.8! With this milestone release we want to give you a first impression of the cool new features that will come with 4DIAC 1.8. The main improvements in 1.8 M1 are:</p>
<li>Extended FORTE Platform Support:
<li>RaspberryPi SPS</li>
<li>RaspberryPi and BeagleBone black I/O interface based on sysfs. Therefore no additional libraries are needed anymore.</li>
<li>First support for Lego Mindstorms EV3 (touch sensor, LEDs)</li>
<li>UI and Usability Improvements in 4DIAC-IDE:
<li>New icons and improved look and feel of the application and system editors by adding a function block palette to the application editor and adding a FB library to the system in the project explorer.</li>
<li>Cleaning up FB type editing for basic function blocks by moving algorithm and internal variable editing to the ECC editor greatly reducing the number of clicks and tab switches.
<li>Generate communication function blocks between function blocks mapped to different resources</li>
<li>Better integration of ST parsing for the algorithm editor allowing for better code completion and also better code generation</li>
<li>Use Ed 2.0 Transition condition style (transition parser available)</li>
<li>Cleanup of download perspective</li>
<li>Adapter connections have own color</li>
<li>Removed not needed menu and toolbar entries provided by different eclipse base plugins</li>
<p>As always please download, test, and report problems and bugs. </p>
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<p>P.S.: There are still some cool features, like monitoring of adapters, breakpoints, or syntax highlighting and code completion for transition conditions in the queue for 1.8!</p>