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4DIAC-IDE Spring-Cleaning
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<p>Last week the 4DIAC committers met to plan the migration of the 4DIAC-IDE for its initial commit to the Eclipse foundation.
We identified that this is a great opportunity to perform a major clean-up of 4DIAC-IDE&#39;s code.
Especially the core data models turned out to be hard to maintain.
When reworking the core data models we will not be able to provide a backward compatibility for the first time in 4DIAC&#39;s history.
In order to reduce the impact for our users we came up with the following plan:</p>
<li>The upcoming 1.8 release will still be based on the current data model and therefore fully backwards compatible. This will be the last release on Sourceforge.</li>
<li>The cleaned-up 4DIAC-IDE will be the first 4DIAC Eclipse release with 1.9.
The clean-up is supposed to provide a better support for projects stored in IEC 61499-2 XML files and therefore allow to directly open projects developed with other IEC 61499 tools.</li>
<p>With this plan we hope to perform the long needed modernization and clean-up of the 4DIAC-IDE.
Furthermore this should allow us to fix some long known bugs (e.g., better subapplication support).
In order that you can watch the required work and our progress we:</p>
<li> Created a <a href="">bug list on 4DIAC&#39;s bugzilla</a></li>
<li> Made the <a href="">4DIAC-IDE mercurial</a> repository publicly visibly again</li>
<p>If you have special needs and wishes for this migration please let us know in the <a href="">4DIAC mailing list</a>.</p>
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<p>P.S.: As part of our committer workshop we did a first clean-up sprint for the system configuration editor.
Within a day we could get it working again and at the same time got rid of lots of old code.
These are promising results for our spring-cleaning.</p><br/>