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4diac Release 1.8.0
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<p>We are proud to announce the new major release of 4diac V1.8.0. As always, this release is a combined release of all current 4diac projects: 4diac-ide, 4diac-lib, forte, and 4diac-systems. The main improvements for 1.8.0 are:</p>
<li>updated 4diac-ide icons</li>
<li>rework of the ST algorithm parser</li>
<li>changed to Java 1.8</li>
<li>changed to Eclipse Neon</li>
<li>added first version to generate communication function blocks automatically</li>
<li>added first version to support monitoring of adapters</li>
<li>improve monitoring</li>
<li>reworked ECC editor</li>
<li>updates for 4diac help files (MQTT, Raspberry-SPS, Lego EV3, Raspberry Pi, openPowerlink)</li>
<li>updated boiler example project</li>
<li>Reduced memory requirements of device management by about 2/3rds</li>
<li>added raw layer</li>
<li>integrated automated error reporting (aeri)</li>
<li>Platform support
<li>CONMELON C1 PLC</li>
<li>Lego Mindstorms EV3</li>
<li>analog IOs for Wago PFC 200</li>
<li>Odroid analog inputs</li>
<p>Furthermore many improvements and bug-fixes have been performed. Together with the issues fixed during the maintenance of the last major release 172 issues could be solved.</p>
<p>As always please download, test, and report problems and bugs.</p>
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