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Presentations of 2016 4diac Users' Workshop Available
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<p>At the 2016 4diac users' workshop we had again a great program.
It consisted of 4diac applications in smart grids and robot coordination control, utilizing OPC UA as communication protocol,
verified compilers and formal behavior specification, and experiences from using 4diac in teaching IEC 61499 lab courses.
The presentations are now available at the <a href="">4diac users' workshop page<a>.</p>
<p>Furthermore we had a live demo from <a href="">Conmeleon</a> showing how 4diac controlled lights
and interacted with <a href="">openHAB</a> in a home automation scenario.<p>
<p>It was a great event and we want to thank again all speakers and attendees. We are already looking forward to the next users' workshop!</p>
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